Your Advantage With Us

"The best advantage was that Globe Ed was always available. I studied in a boarding school and we had a time limit. My other friends had to call their counsellors a day before and set an appointment and could not be late. But Globe Ed I could call even ten minutes before and they would approach me back. Late nights at 10.30, 11, 11.30 we would sit and edit our essays, I could contact them at any point of time, in the holidays also."
Vibhu Agarwal
Kelley School of Business - Class of 2022

We are the medium of speedy and effective communication between student and university.

Personalized assistance

We simulate interesting, engaging, one-to-one interactions with our students for a tighter understanding of their needs.

24×7 availability

Due to different time zones of different countries, communication with universities at times like application deadline period can be crucial. Be it early morning, before going to school or office, late evening after work, Sundays or public holidays, we are there for you to edit your essays last minute, write the urgent email to accept the offer, answer your queries on the form you need to submit quickly, we are there.

Registered with The British Council

We have a reputation for our reliability. We assure delivering our services through management of commitment and proactive communication.

Trained and Certified by Education UK and EATC

Professional training enables us to develop the knowledge and skills needed to identify and address students‘ requirements and challenges effectively.

High visa success rate (100% actually)

Our association in the industry enables us to provide visa assistance to our students with high success rate.