“Professionalism comes to my mind first when I think about the most significant value adding attribute toward the success of this consultancy. They outline the capabilities and past achievements of the student so diligently that you would eventually not miss out on any options which suit your profile. I specifically liked their ways of conveying information in a consolidated format where you would get all information you would need in a single file. Their work ethics and structure of work are significant coefficients of their success in this business I believe. Some other attributes I would like to mention here are punctuality, friendly behavior, point for useful contacts, sincerity and ability to keeping up with the changing world of information. Of these, I personally found friendly behavior to be the most appealing. They have helped me within and beyond their realm of capacities just to make it happen for me. Also I think that I made a right choice here in choosing Globe Ed as my academic consultant because of their encompassing knowledge about the universities around the world and most importantly, their requirements for a successful future student.”
Prithwish Tarafder
PhD Industrial & Systems Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA & MSc Global Production Engineering, TU Berlin
“It was the summer of 2014. I had just completed my graduation from St Xavier’s, one of India’s most prestigious educational institutions. I was at a crossroad as to whether I should seek out a college to pursue my MBA as a “fresher”, or perhaps start to work with the hope that this work experience would eventually come in handy, as the most renowned institutions of the world require a professional background as well. A friend recommended Globe Ed to me, and it was here that I was fortunate enough to meet Miss Smriti, one of Globe Ed’s founders. On hearing me out, she pragmatically advised me to do what matters more to me, completing my education at the earliest, or a patient progression of the next stage of my career. In her opinion, in case I chose the latter of the two, I would have to lay a lot of emphasis on my work experience, as it is perhaps the most important criteria top universities sort out. The next three years involved my ardent participation in my family busi-ness, which involves management, finance, marketing company products, and international communication. By August of 2017, I had completed three full years in my family business. Consequently, I sat myself down with Smriti and discussed the potential colleges I should be applying to on the basis of my GMAT score, work experience, area of expertise and graduation performance. We spent the next one month writing essays, personal statements and re-searching various other data pertaining to my target colleges, all of which were in the top 10 of UK. I would like to take this opportunity to add that there were times I was a bit lazy and a tad bit overconfident, and it was Smriti, who reminded me that until I received an offer from a college, nothing was set in stone. I am proud to state that I received an interview call from four out of the five colleges I applied to, and cleared them all. My choice of College is Oxford and I always refer to it as our achievement and not mine when conversing with Smriti. Even at the interview stage, Smriti emailed to me an array of questions, most of which proved useful, as I was able to use the same to my fullest during the interview.
Zain Hasin Khan
MBA, University of Oxford, Class of 2019
“I have been under Smriti’s guidance for almost a year now and I can say with full confidence that she was an excellent counsellor to me. Smriti helped me through the entire process of my applications, from the first to the last step. She is an extremely approachable, interactive, flexible and experienced guide who has the best interests of her students at heart. She is a great judge of the individual and knows what is the best possible option for every student respectively. It has been my pleasure to work with Smriti and I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome.”
Ishita Saraf
NTU Singapore
“May 30th, 2015 was an emotional day for my family, as our son Arjun graduated from the New York Film Academy. The immature, shy boy who joined the Academy in 2012 had journeyed an eventful path and emerged a confident, mature young man.Prior to attending, Arjun would want to lose himself in a crowd. Today, he wonders how to stand out in one. In an honest, impressive way, a child's positive development and personal growth is always a source of joy for the parents.”
Arjun Biren Nair
BA Animation, New York Film Academy
“I wish to thank Smriti and the entire team of Globe Ed for providing me with exemplary services. They were extremely professional, prompt and reliable. The support and guidance extended to my children and me while deciding universities, filling out university applications and completing visa formalities was commendable. I especially wish to thank Smriti for her tireless patience in quelling my anxieties and for being readily available to answer my queries with kindness. She understood my requirements and worked towards fulfilling them. My children were motivated and encouraged by Smriti and today they are proud students of the University of Essex and the University of Toronto. I would strongly recommend Globe Ed to anyone who wishes to pursue higher education abroad.”
Mrs. Rupa Halim, Mother of Farz Halim
University of Toronto, Bachelor‘s in Astrophysics and Astronomy
“My experience with Globe Ed has been extremely helpful and fruitful. From understanding my needs to helping me sort colleges and essays out, Globe Ed has done more than I expected. It has been a great experience, one I have learnt from and cherished as time has passed!”
Nikunj Jhanwar
BSc Economics, Singapore Management University
“Globe Ed is an extremely professional consultancy with round the clock help to the students who come to seek advice on studying abroad. Under their guidance, it was easy to find the answers to questions and overcome obstacles. The counsellors are helpful in every which way the student requires, with timely and sound advice. I wanted to go to Spain and the consultancy helped me achieve that dream.”
Fahim Abdin
MSc International Business, UPF Barcelona School of Management