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Application Guidance

Choosing the right course / Career counselling

In our fast evolving economy, our priority must be to ensure that our career options are up to date and in accordance with the contemporary industry requirements.

► Provide options of universities as per student profile

Our counselors are trained to correlate and give proper and consistent advice keeping in mind the interests, goals and the academic as well as financial profile of individual applicants, Non-Commercially.

► Guidance with university selection based on student interest

More than ever before, there is a need for our career options to encourage and enhance self development and creativity, build leadership abilities and working skills giving your imagination a dimension.

► Preparing all documentation for university application

We help students organize the documents required in the application to make the process hassle-free.

► Essay guidance and editing

We understand the requirements of universities and our experience enables us to specialize in guiding students with writing their application essays.

► Filling up application forms

Quick, easy and error-free applications

► In-house British Council IELTS and TOEFL registration desk

► Guidance with accommodation booking and fee payment

To browse through all the various accommodation options, the different facilities offered by each, the rent, the distance from the study buildings etc can be a bit daunting, we are here to support you to make the right choice of accommodation, book it and pay for it.

► Assistance with Foreign Exchange transaction

We have dedicated foreign exchange personnel to aid students with paying application or tuition fee, accommodation booking fee, accommodation fee, arrange world currency cards and/or cash.

► Visa counseling:

  • on arrangement of finances as per visa rules
  • File preparation with documents
  • Guidance with visa form filling
  • Preparing you Guidance for interview

Travel  arrangements

Booking Flight Tickets according to individual preferences

► Pre-departure Briefing and Orientation

To prepare students who have been accepted into programs of study abroad. Valuable information is exchanged during these sessions. Topics may include information on culture shock, health and travel insurance, medical and money matters, plane ticket, and visas among others. The objective of a pre-departure orientation session is to give you realistic and accurate information and provide you with skills to adjust successfully to any challenges before you depart.

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