Student Experiences



Discover first hand experiences of our former students and gain valuable insights into their journey with Globe Ed. Read about their unique stories and the impact Globe Ed had on their lives.

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Student Success Stories

Delve into the inspiring tales of student accomplishment that shape our success stories at Globe Ed. From prestigious awards and scholarships to career advancements and business successes, our students have achieved remarkable feats. Experience their pride and joy, and find motivation to pave your own path to success.


Student Voyages

Witness the remarkable career opportunities that studying abroad has unlocked for our students. Explore the diverse paths they have embarked upon, from successful entrepreneurs to renowned professionals in various industries. By immersing themselves in new cultures and broadening their perspectives, our alumni have gained a global mindset and the skills necessary to thrive in today's interconnected world.

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College Experiences

Explore prestigious global universities where our students have gained admission, gaining valuable insights into their academic excellence.