College Experiences

Globe Ed: College Experiences gives you an insight into some of the top universities around the globe where our students have been admitted to.

A candid conversation with Rituraj Roy Choudhury, Master student of Sport Business, Management and Policy at Manchester Metropolitan University on his experiences in the UK. 

Meet our student, Farz, an ex-student of La Martiniere for Boys and currently a 3rd year student of Astrophysics at University of Toronto, Canada.

Farz wanted to quit after the first year because he felt he was failing his parents and wasting their money; his academic performance was not what he had planned. But then he realised where he was going wrong. All he needed to do was to understand the methods of the new system of education, he needed to manage his study plans, decide on which classes to attend, when to study independently and
the importance of assignments. In Canada, you design your course and are responsible for your own self, both personal and academic. Let’s listen to his experiences as he shares his secret to a successful student life at the University of Toronto.

At Oxford, you are a student among potential Nobel laureates, scholars, writers, politicians, scientists, philosophers, world leaders. Come join us to share Zain’s Oxford experiences as he talks about his MBAT tournaments in Paris, role playing in the student council, how he spends his Wednesdays interacting with potential employers, the role mentors and alumni play in his job search, how communicating with classmates is developing his interpersonal skills and is preparing him for job interviews
and so much more.

One of the biggest challenges for Zain was academic writing but he worked on it and aced it too. Congratulations Zain, hope you keep learning!