Student Voyages

You don’t have to graduate from Harvard or Oxford to follow your dreams and to do what is meaningful to you. Priyadarshini was full of passion to work with children when she came to us, still in high school. She studied a degree in Psychology at Plymouth, a lesser known university and today works for our own West Bengal Government, counseling children from diverse backgrounds dealing with various traumas, depression, anxieties etc.

Game Development is not only big abroad but in India too, it’s a highly sought after profession.  Ayan chose to do his internship year in India istead of in Europe. He gained experience in China as well but opportunities in India were as good or better and he preferred coming back to Bangalore to work as a Game Programmer.

Subhojit spent each and every holiday he got to intern, research, learn Italian, all while keeping his grades up…the end result, he has a job of a Business Analyst in the city of Milan! His advice to Indian students: utilize the 3 month long summer vacation to involve yourself in activities like short courses, internships, exchange programs, learn a foreign language…there are a gazillion opportunities abroad!

See what kind of careers were enabled by studying abroad…